Plan of Service



2016 – 2020




The MD of Opportunity NO.17 libraries are a centre of community life, offering opportunities for people of all ages to gather, know, learn, and grow.




The MD of Opportunity No.17 Municipal Library exists and maintains its service:

1. To promote and keep alive a lifelong love of learning.

2. To promote an enlightened citizenry and keep alive the positive use of people's imaginations.

3. To provide the best possible service at all times to all persons, recognizing the "Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms" and the "Canadian Library Association Statement of Rights and Freedoms" as fundamental to the provision of that service.


A Community Needs Assessment, was completed by a Community Focus Group and the following goals and objectives are based on the input from that session.


GOAL 1- Celebrate diversity and promote cultural awareness.



1. Create awareness of other cultures by featuring a book and information display, of an author from one of the following cultures, each quarter: French-Canadian, Aboriginal, Ukrainian/Polish, and German.

2. Choose a book by the featured author as the adult book club selection.

3. Promote the value of book clubs with other community organizations and provide information related to getting started.


GOAL 2 - Create younger readers. Promote adult, teen and family literacy.



1. In conjunction with Community Outreach and Local Day Care staff create an introduction to books program for preschoolers.

2. Introduce materials like the Kids Travel Activity Book so parents can make use of nontraditional methods to encourage children to read in any setting.

3. With input from local youth, organize a teen reading program. With the understanding that this age group "lives on their phones" focus on the ability to download free books from the library. Have the group choose two. Serve Pizza and pop at monthly discussion sessions. Introduce and promote other free downloads like movies and magazines.

4. Create a gift package of books for new Moms in the community. This package will contain books related to child care and general parenting skills.


GOAL 3 - Create informed citizens in decisions regarding health, wealth and other life choices.

Provide information related to career paths. Promote job and career development.



1. In conjunction with other community stakeholders, participate in, and have a display booth at the Youth Expo and Wellness Conference planned for Wabasca in September of 2016 and each subsequent year.

2. Submit names for a role model speaker and/or mentor at the expo.

3. Advertise the expo in each library and on each library website.

4. Plan transportation to Wabasca for community youth and adults from the Calling Lake and Red Earth Creek locations.


GOAL 4 - Stimulate the imagination: reading, viewing and listening for pleasure.



1. Provide a welcoming place for patrons to visit that includes visual stimulation and a comfortable quiet space for reading.

2. Provide ear phones.

3. Participate in visiting author sessions in the library or local schools.


GOAL 5 - Satisfy curiosity and promote lifelong learning. Understand how to find, evaluate

and use information.



1. Advertise on library web pages and bulletin boards the variety of information in the library and online. (For example "Discover Your Roots" one of several genealogy sites.)

2. Display books prominently that focus on local history or achievements by community members past and present.

3. Advertise and direct patrons to community events that honor those achievements. (For example Remembrance Day ceremonies.)

4. Direct patrons to government and business print and online resources.

5. Display publications of historical or current political interest that affect the local population. (For example Speaking My Truth: Reflections on Reconciliation and Residential Schools.)

Please note: The goal for the objectives listed above is to implement all programs by the end of 2016.